Neuro-Muscular Therapy

Take Care of Trouble Areas

Neuro-Muscular Therapy (NMT) - This modality is applied when there is chronic (long term) or acute (sudden on-set) soft tissue irritability. This is NOT a full-body treatment. It is a muscle specific treatment to address trigger point concerns. Trigger points are sources of hyper-irritability that can cause shooting pain and/or burning sensations within the soft tissue and can occur for any number of reasons. This discomfort can limit range of motion, cause headaches, severe anxiety and mimic other more serious conditions, such as appendicitis and heart attack. It is very common to feel sore after a treatment. Your practitioner can better determine if you are a candidate for this treatment.

Reduce muscle pain with Neuro-Muscular Therapy

Willow Wellness Center LLC specializes in Neuro-Muscular Therapy and can help you experience relief from muscle pain. We use Neuro-Muscular Therapy to treat:

  • Ischemia--lack of blood flow to your muscles that causes pain and sensitivity
  • Trigger points-is a source of hyperirritability in the soft tissue and must have a referral pattern
  • Postural distortion-muscle imbalance caused by weak or tight muscles that pull your body out of alignment
  • Nerve compression-pressure on a nerve caused by tight muscles

Learn more about Neuro-Muscular Therapy by reaching out to Willow Wellness Center LLC. Coming soon to Middletown, NJ!